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The specialized technology of Newco Adwind completes a beautiful delivery culture.

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DDBOX making & Supply

  • DDBOX is the world's first and Korea's first legal delivery box DDBOX and related solutions to provide the only mobile digital outdoor advertising service in Korea and abroad We develop and service independently.
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What is DDBOX?
DDBOX is an existing motorcycle delivery box with LCD 3-sided display and LTE, GPS, Android, etc. It is an ICT convergence product for delivery that can be delivered and advertised by installing parts. It is a delivery box that enables real-time advertisement transmission through image, video, and sound.
※ Demand of Dedibox System
Our technical system customers are available in all countries where delivery culture is active, such as China, Japan, USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.
All quick service, all delivery service, all self-employed of delivery business and all franchise shops can use it. (Including domestic market and overseas market)