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The story of various activities conveyed by NewcoAdwind.

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Won Korea Herald's Grand Prize for People and Brands 2019
Date19-02-16 17:14




Grand Prize for People&Brand to Shine in 2019 Korea


 Delivery service related services are gradually being developed in a new direction.
Newco Adwind Co.,Ltd. is a cultural content start-up company that contributes to the advancement of delivery culture in Korea. They have developed a "Dedi box(Delivery & Digital Ad Box) for motorcycles to create a virtuous cycle structure that allows all people using the delivery platform to benefit from mutual benefits.


The 'Dedi Box', a motorcycle delivery truck designed and developed by Mr.Zang(CEO) for 5 years, has an external 3-sided display and a built-in LTE ‧GPS ‧Android. It is the first patented product to send and control digital advertisement in real time. Currently, motorcycle delivery boxes that are sold in the market are fiber-reinforced plastic(FRP) materials that can not be recycled, and they only have the function of 'loading' to load food to be delivered. In addition, there is a disadvantage that it is impossible to mass-produce and export to overseas because of handmade production method.


However, Dedi Box added the "Advertising" function to create a way for self-employed and delivery workers to co-exist in the delivery agency platform. Mr.Zang(CEO) said, "Everyone is in a difficult situation because the revenue model of the delivery agent industry is only the labor of the delivery engineer. So I continued to worry. How can we provide advertising services for self-employed people?, Is there a way to improve the working environment and social treatment of delivery workers? Is there a better way for all of the delivery agents, self-employed, and delivery workers? And after these troubles, we launched Dedi Box."


NewKoADwind is recruiting nationwide branches of 'Dedibox delivery agency' to provide delivery agency and advertisement services based on 'Dedi Box' products, and they recruited 100 preliminary branch managers at present. They are also preparing for the service grand opening this year.
Mr.Zang(CEO) said the plan. "We will reclaim the lost shop name of self-employed and small business owners. We will provide free advertising services to self-employed people who are in business trouble, and will distribute a portion of paid advertising revenue to low income deliverers. Then we will make a global company by practicing our plans.