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The story of various activities conveyed by NewcoAdwind.

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[Asian TV] Close-up business site (2018.07.09.)
Date18-07-10 13:04


Close-up business site (2018.07.09.) 


Ahn Ji Min




[Program Overview]

A close-up business site is to find domestic SMEs that plays a big role in making Korea in the world, and to inform viewers of accurate information of small industrial field, to provide competitive business management and technology, and various and informative company information.


[Program composition]

The power of 99% of SMEs!
General viewers do not know, but they visit small and medium-sized companies that have already announced their name globally in every field of industry and agree about the new vision they are building and listen to the future industry forecasts and blueprints of domestic SMEs.


[Program Creation]

Modeun Communication