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The story of various activities conveyed by NewcoAdwind.

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[Asia Today] NewKoADwind, participated MWC to show "Smart Dedi Box“
Date19-03-05 14:39



[Signed MOU with more than 40 overseas companies including establishment of joint venture, attraction of investment, licensing]


NewKoADwind announced on May 5 that it exhibited 'Dedi box(Delivery Digital Box)' at the mobile exhibition "MWC 2019" held in Barcelona from 25th to 28th of last month.


They also signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with 40 companies in the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Philippines, Thailand and Saudi Arabia to establish joint ventures, attract investment and licensing.


Smart Dedi Box is a patented product that combines the Internet (IOT) with a motorcycle delivery box.

Each time a delivery person receives an order(call), the three sides of the delivery box are changed to the name of a small self-employed person in real time.


By using non-delivery time, it can offer a new revenue model to small-sized deliveries by attracting paid advertisement such as department store sale advertisement, movie trailer, apartment sale advertisement.It can also be used for public interest, such as public witnesses, witness search, missing persons, searching for a lost child, disaster alarms, and fine dust alarms.


Mr. Min-woo Zang, CEO of NewKoADwind, said, "I expect that the self-employed will reclaim their lost business name due to the outsourcing of delivery, and will offer a new profit model to the delivery workers, And will not accept any commission for deliverers, he said.