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The story of various activities conveyed by NewcoAdwind.

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[NewsWix] 'Dedibox' to attract 100 million won investment. Advertise with delivery
Date18-08-01 14:53

'Dedibox'Dedibox' to attract 100 million won investment. Advertise with delivery


[뉴스웍스=문병도기자  2018.08.01 11:57]


Newco Adwind Co.,Ltd which developed the IoT advertising solution 'Dedi box' for motorcycles, succeeded in attracting 100 million won through the open trade of the crowdfunding platform.
'Dedibox' provides a service to send advertisement images in real time by installing three LCD display and high speed wireless communication network (LTE-M) in the delivery box. If you request a delivery service with 'Dedibox', the name and address of the restaurant will be carried out free of charge in the delivery box of the motorcycle during delivery. When delivery is complete, paid advertisements are posted on their system.
The revenue generated by the advertisement is distributed to the deliverers of the smart delivery box, the self-employed is free to advertise, With the mobility of motorcycles, advertisers can maximize the efficiency of their ads by placing ads on specific targets.
In the existing delivery agency ecosystem, deliverers have to pay agency and system program companies an annual fee of 7,200,000 won to a fee of 10 million won. In this delivery agency ecosystem, deliverers need to deliver a large number of orders quickly in order to raise profits. As a result, the working environment of the deliverer is getting worse and is being exposed to traffic accidents.
Min-woo Zang, CEO of NewKoADwind Co.,Ltd said, "we have been developing Dedi box to create a virtuous circle structure that can benefit all the people who use the service while managing delivery and quick service companies. I will strive to become a global corporation as well as domestic service expansion."

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