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The story of various activities conveyed by NewcoAdwind.

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[Successful interview] 'Dedi box delivering advertising' NewKoADwind Co., Ltd., CEO Min-woo Zang
Date18-09-18 09:28

""Get 100 million wonin just one day after the opening of the fund!!"


On July 30, 2018,
I met Mr. Min-woo Zang of NewKoADwind Co., Ltd., the main character of the fundraising achievement of 100 million won in one day.

Let's hear how CEO,Min-woo Zang accomplished 'Crowd Funding Success' dreamed by many start-up delegates.


▲ Smart delivery box to deliver advertising together
CEO Min-woo Zang of NewKoADwind Co., Ltd.


Open Trade - Open Insight Information shortcuts


Q) What was the key to the success of Crowd Funding, which was able to recruit 100 million won in just one day?
A) We have always tried to develop a 'smart delivery box' in accordance with rapidly changing technology and market environment for the last 4 ~ 5 years.I met a lot of "self-employed" and "deliverers" who are the parties to the delivery service. And I listened to their story.
I gathered their opinions and implemented core technologies one by one.
And again, I gathered opinions, and my small steps are piled up and piled up, and it seems to have created trust.I was naturally promoting them to my product.

We think that they are potential investors of NewKoADwind co.,Ltd, and we shared and promoted the preparation process of crowdfunding by opening and inviting Naver Band.
I was convinced of the success of funding as it was the product of the people who would actually use it when the product was launched. However, it seems that I was able to succeed funding in the open day thanks to making a good relationship through the band activity and participating in the investment.


Q) I heard that you had a delivery agency directly so I am curious about the story of developing a smart delivery box.
A) As I run a delivery agency, I found that self-employed and deliverer have their own problems.
As the minimum wage increase increases the cost of employment, there is an increase in the number of restaurants that contract with delivery agencies without hiring a delivery person
However, because the delivery agencies attach their advertisements to the delivery box, the self-employed can not expect the advertising effect through the delivery agency at all.

Delivery workers are also tired, they are forced to work 72 hours a week, because they receive a fee for the delivery service instead of the wage based on the labor offer, and the income is determined by the number of calls. The fee that the deliverer pays to the delivery agent is 400 won per person, and the lesser of 3,840,000 won per year, to a total of 11,520,000 won. At present, the delivery model of the delivery market is 'delivery worker' s labor, so delivery agencies have no choice but to do that.

I was troubled in this total impatient situation. How can we provide advertising services for self-employed people?, Is there a way to improve the working environment and social treatment of delivery workers? Is there a better way for all of the delivery agents, self-employed, and delivery workers? And after these troubles, we launched Dedi Box."


Q) I heard that you, as a delivery industry expert, and the experts in each field are synergizing with NewKoADwind Co., Ltd. Please introduce your team members.

A) Yes, that's right. If I were alone, I would never have been able to come here.
  Especially, they helped to implement the 'smart delivery box' which was an idea.


Yoon Min-young's advisory committee was formerly the representative of SHINHWA CNC, a KT 2 military partner. He is 33 years of electrical and electronic communications specialist. Kang Jeong-hoon, a member of the advisory committee, was the CEO of TCM Co.,Ltd, a promising small and medium company. He is a display expert with 17 years of experience. Lee Seong-seok's advisory board was a representative of NEX ON CHIP, an excellent exporting company, who developed Russia and China board, and is an embedded expert with 15 years of experience. "The 'smart delivery box' is a result achieved by all the experts in each field. I appreciate the hard work and the love of the people.



Q) What are the differentiating points that Smart Delivery Boxes are smarter than other delivery boxes?
A) 'Smart Delivery' has added 'Advertising Function' to the original delivery-specific loading function.
It is the smartest thing to be able to send and control digital advertisement in real time by installing external 3-sided LED display and GPS, LTE-M and Android in the inside.

And the existing delivery box was made of fiber reinforced plastic (PC) or acrylic material. So it is easy to break down and it is impossible to recycle, which causes environmental pollution.
However, the Smart Delivery Box is an eco-friendly product because it is made of PC (Polycarbonate) material that is bulletproof plastic and can be recyclable.
In addition, other delivery boxes can not be exported to overseas because they can not be mass-produced by handmade production method. However, smart delivery boxes are easy to export because they can reduce costs by mass production method through mold injection.
Services and business models based on our differentiated products are more attractive. Look forward to it! 





▲ Smart delivery box with LED display on three sides 




Q) Is there a special strategy for spreading the attractive smart delivery box to the whole country?
A) In order to secure a distributor, we have concluded a contract for delivery agent for 3 agencies in Gwangju, 1 in Daegu and 1 in Gumi. In order to secure a franchise (restaurant), we have signed an MOU with the food service association and are discussing a business agreement with a shared kitchen start-up company in Seoul. Lastly, we have concluded business agreements with one of the existing delivery agencies to secure mutual development.

Q) What is the ultimate goal of Smart Delivery?
A) As many self-employed are worried about business closure every morning and deliverers are putting their lives to a delivery charge. I hope that these people will feel happy in their daily lives where they live and work. We provide free advertising services to self-employed people who are in trouble. We want to help deliverers with low revenue by preserving their profits and distributing some of their paid advertising revenue.
In the next few years, the ultimate goal is to replace the world's motorcycle delivery box with ours.“

These days, I hear a lot of people say, "Did you have such a promising company in Gwangju?"
But a few years later, I want to hear that "Did you have this great company in Korea?"
From next year, you will be able to see advertisements for smart delivery box all over the country. And within a few years, the world's motorcycle box will be replaced with our products. That's our ultimate goal.


▲ Platforms that can be satisfied by deliverers, advertisers, and users


Q) What is your planned EXIT strategy?
A) First of all, we are going to register in KSM (Korea Exchange Start-up Market) market first.
At the beginning of crowdfunding, we plan to start listing the KOSDAQ from the second half of 2019 to the first half of 2020. But I think we can significantly speed up that time. I will always do my best to show good results to investors.

Q) Finally, please say something to investors who have invested in NewKoADwind Co.,Ltd through open trading!
A) Thank you again for participating in crowdfunding, believing in NewKoADwind.
In fact, there was confidence in the product, but it was hard to predict any number of factors that would determine the success or failure of the business. But through crowdfunding, we've identified the market's hot response. So I was able to gain the power to move forward. First of all, we will take the lead in the domestic market and further target is the overseas market. And when I stand at the top of the foreign market, I want to say this. "It's all thanks to you," I'll do my best to the day. Thank you.