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The story of various activities conveyed by NewcoAdwind.

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[KOREA ECONOMY TV] Brand Stars Selection Committee selects and announces '2019 national brand' top brand
Date19-01-24 19:05




'2019 National Brand', which was organized by the Brand Stars Selection Committee, has selected and announced top brands from each industry that represent of the republic of Korea.
Presented together by major media outlets in China and Asia, the event selects and announces a representative Korean brand that offers good quality and best service. It was established to provide reasonable information to consumers at domestic and overseas and to grow the brand value of companies.
They selected the first group of candidates for each industry after check media coverage and consumer assessment. Then, based on official documents, the final selection was made by academic and media experts and announced the brand that represents Korea by sectors such as tourism, entertainment, beauty, fashion, food, household goods and shopping.
As a representative brand by industry, Samsung Electronics' Galaxy series in the smartphone part, Hyundai Motor's Genesis in the automobile sector, In the air purifier section, the LG Electronics Furrier, Bacchas in the Fatigue Recovery Beverage Division, Agabang in the baby's clothing section, In the department store sector, Lotte Department Store, 'ABC Mart' in the Shoes multi Shop part, 'Star Bugs' for the coffee shop section and In the entertainment sector, Korean Idol BTS (Bulletproof Boy Scouts) were selected. 
'seol hwa su' of Amore Pacific in K-beauty cosmetics sector, 'Olive Young' in the beauty shop sector,
`Giselinue of Siji Bio' in Bio-Fusion Mediation Equipment Sector, GDS Plastic Surgery in Skin Plastic Surgery Division, in the home beauty device part, "LG PRAEL“ were selected.
In the K-food sector, Paris Baguette, Lotteria, Bibigo, Binggrae Banana Milk, Ottogi Jinramyeon, and Samyang Food's Bulgogi Fried Ramen were selected as the most popular brands.
'Baune Naju Gomtang' was chosen as the Gomtang section that represents traditional Korean flavor.
In healthcare sector, Hanshin Medipia in the general examination department, Jeong Kwan-jang, head of Korea's leading health food brand Red Jinseng Professional Brand, were finally selected.
As a tourism representative brand, Jeju Island and Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do, were selected.
Due to the revitalization of inter-Korean exchanges with Jeju Island, this place is rapidly growing as an ecological, cultural and security tourist attraction.
In the final SME sector, which passed strict public scrutiny Widndix's Haim Chefs, a sanitary dish dryer company that is 99% sterilized by the only hot air drying method in Korea, Well-being Health Farm, a company specializing in foot care, a functional cosmetics company such as moisturizing and nourishing. NewKoADwind's Dedibox, a delivery company that adds display advertising function, were selected as a New Trend brand.

The Brand Stars Selection Committee explained.
"The brand's excellence will be widely recognized through BRAND STARS 2019 national brand, which will help enhance the brand's image as 'Korea' in the Republic of Korea' in the world."