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[We are Recruiting DDBOX Riders and Branches]
Writer관리자 Created19-12-13 16:16 Views319


We start our motorcycle rental business at a price lower than the purchase price of a motorcycle, or KRW 3.76million, which is unprecedented in Korea. It costs only KRW 9,230* 365 days = KRW 3.33 million

We are more than willing to cover KRW 340,000 for riders who will work hard for our company even when it rains or snows. 
Riders are our family.

NewKoADwind Inc.’s core values of harmony, mutual prosperity and shared profits will change the world.
The company covers 100% of industrial accident compensation insurance premium.
The company covers 100% of liability insurance premium.
The headquarters will provide support to ensure that riders receive 100% of workers’ compensation insurance benefits. 

The company covers 100% of driver insurance premium. 


The company will provide unwavering support for those riders who live responsible lives and those branch owners who run their business with integrity and honesty.      


However, those people who are irresponsible, who are interested only in money, who cause trouble with their violent driving behaviors or illicit conducts, or who undermine the core values of the company will be discharged from the DDBOX system.  
We are ready to share what we have with others. We hope the mindset of receivers of such privileged benefits is prepared to live up to those benefits.
The benefits provided by the company will be determined based upon the assessment of diligence and work-related character of each person.


We believe that DDBOX System would ensure that such benefits are shared with as many people as possible.
We will provide scholarship and support for medical expenses as well.
I hope that everyone can continue to be a partner of NewKoADwind, the world-changing company, and its DDBOX system for a long time, without being discharged from the DDBOX system.