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[Report on the progress in 2018 App Show KOREA]
Writer관리자 Created18-12-24 22:07 Views1,812


I report the progress in the 2018 App Show KOREA held from Dec. 20 ~22 2018.





Our booth was no. E-16 start-up booth. It was a bit narrow but cheap.

Still, we’ve gained great results given the low expenses.4_cdjUd018svcndcqncxt9n5z_2vakyx.png

We posted the certificate of Grand Prize of 2018 i-AWARDS INNOVATION IOT, certificate of Gold Prize of Seoul International Fair 2018, and certificate of National Information Society Agency together as well.

Many people showed their interest in NEWKOADWIND’s Dediboc in the exhibition and got our counselling.6_bdjUd018svc1ed5siz2qxo3s_2vakyx.png





Particularly, VCs were interested, exchanged business cards and promised to keep cooperative relationships (or investment?). 

An investor from the US proposed a joint business on the spot.

Two other companies also requested cooperation for import and export of Dedibox.20181223_173657.jpg

    (A company CEO living in New York, the US, offered investment and asked to take a photo with us.)e_cdjUd018svcviy3a4q4k5px_2vakyx.png


At around the end of the exhibition, we had one-to-one business matching with VCs. 


They highly regarded the business value of NEWKOADWIND and requested more specific business plan. 


Matching with VCs in 2 companies was promised.


I would like to express my true gratitude to our executives and employees who have worked hard with us so far. 


I thank everyone who has encouraged us.


In 2019, we will redouble our best so that the efforts we have made so far could bear many fruits.


Thank you.