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[Report on the last day of Start-up Fair]
Writer관리자 Created19-01-11 02:58 Views1,788

From the stance of the Company participating in a franchise fair for the first time, the results have been very satisfactory and successful.

For 3 days, over 90 people were fully captivated by Dedibox and asked to have a branch or exclusive distributor deal. 

It is not yet certain how many of them would actually conclude a deal, 

but it’s been a very precious time that we could fully feel the enthusiastic response to Dedibox. 



A buyer from India proposed to be our exclusive distributor in the country of India, so we talked to set up a plan later. 

Dedibox helps micro business owners regain their lost branding; and delivery men find a new profit model, supporting their increased real income.


    The day will soon come when Dedibox spreads across the world, changing the game of the world. 멤버.jpg