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광고안내 및 신청

오늘의 DDBOX 광고는 더나은 당신의 내일로 이어갑니다.

    • 광고안내 및 신청


DDBOX paid advertising service structure

By attaching the 3 sides of the LCD display to the existing delivery box and grafting IOT technology,
it is not only the unique function of the delivery box,
It is a digital advertising system capable of advertising images, videos, and sounds.

DDBOX patent number : No. 10-1637079 (Overseas patent application: 55 individual countries (China, Japan, USA, EU, etc.))

Advertising method
Image advertisement transmission operation method in DDBOX equipped with 3-sided LCD display
※ Currently, only image ads are allowed in accordance with the regulation sandbox.
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Promotion and Sales UP ~! With DDBOX delivery agency
  • Large distribution company

  • Home shopping, department store, outlet, mart, etc.
  • Construction company

  • Apartment, officetel sale advertisement
  • Travel agency

  • Travel package deals
  • Large and small companies

  • New car advertisement, product advertisement, corporate promotion, etc.