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The belief that corporate success and social contribution must be balanced.

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About us

SINCE 2017
NewcoAdwind Co., Ltd. is a venture company with a research Institute. We create a world where we communicate with each other in real time with a top global advertising platform.
"Dedibox" is a delivery box that can deliver real-time commercials by installing three-sided LCD display and a high-speed wireless communication network (LTE) in an existing motorcycle delivery box.

Dedibox has completed patent application not only in domestic patents but also in 55 other countries including USA, China, Japan, EU Union, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Russia, Australia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar through PCT International Application.

Company delivering advertisement together
NewKoADwind Co., Ltd.
Main Services
Main Business
Dedibox Manufacturing and Supply
Global Licensing Business
Solution (WEB / APP) Development and Supply
Delivery Agent Service
Advertisement Platform Service
Venture company - Technology guarantee fund
ISO 9001 certification - MSR certification
Owning research institute - Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association(KOITA)
Certification of SME(small and medium enterprises) intellectual property management
ICT convergence certification
Company name NewKoADwind Co., Ltd.
CEO Min-Woo Zang
Main business Dedibox design/development and manufacturing, software development
Address (zip code.61961) Gwangju City Seo-gu Sangmu Hwawonro, 32beon gil, 13-8 (Chipyung-dong) Union B/ D 3F
Tel 062-365-7258
Fax 062-372-7890
11 patents registered in Korea
4 patent applications, 21 trademark registration, 3 designs
Overseas patent applications in 55 countries